How soon after the wedding can we expect to receive our photos?

I always aim to deliver the photos as soon as possible. However, during the height of the wedding season it may take slightly longer than in quieter months. I strive for excellence when editing each wedding and I never sacrifice quality over time. I only want to deliver the best for each client. The maximum delivery time of the wedding gallery is eight weeks but prior to that you’ll get some sneak peeks of your photos so that you can relive some of the best moments right after your wedding.

How many photos will we get?

The amount of photos delivered depends entirely on the nature of the wedding and the story in its whole. The more there is happening, the more photos there will be. The images will form a story of your wedding day and each caption will play a role in that story. The length of the photography is also more significant to the story than to the total number of images. The events or spontaneous situations, which may take place in the first and last hours of coverage, and which consequently end up becoming part of the story, have a bigger meaning than how many extra images you may receive from these added hours.

Are there going to be any black and white photos in our wedding gallery?

The gallery will contain both colour and black and white images. The proportion of black and white images in the final gallery is normally around 25-30 percent. So the emphasis is always on the colour images. Sometimes, however, black and white is better suited for the mood of the image because that way the light and the shadow will be highlighted differently. In documentary photography it is not always possible to influence the spot, direction or temperature of the light and sometimes the lighting condition is such that the black and white photograph looks more harmonious and beautiful.

Do we have a possibility to meet before the wedding day?

The wedding photography packages include two meetings before your wedding day. These will be organised as agreed either in person or by video call. During these meetings we’ll have a possibility to get to know each other already before your big day. We can talk about the details of your wedding and your wishes and thoughts regarding the photography, for me to be able to really understand what is important to you. 

How do we choose how many hours we book you for?

You don’t need to decide on the duration of the coverage when making the reservation. The need largely depends on the schedule of the day and will be clarified during our meetings. I recommend however, that the photoshoot would cover the part when you are getting ready before the ceremony because it is an important part of the story of your day. That way you and your wedding crew will also have a good opportunity to get used to the presence of the camera.

Will our photos be published on the internet?

According to the wedding photography contract the photographer has the right to use the images in her marketing, blog and portfolio. As a photographer the pictures I take are the only tool for me to showcase my skills and the only way for me to market myself. I never publish photos of delicate nature or content that crosses the limits of good taste. My aim is to publish the kind of photos that made you interested in my services as well.

How do we book you for our wedding?

Before the booking we’ll have a chance to get to know each other and to talk about your thoughts and wishes regarding the wedding photography. This way, I can also give you an offer that best suits your needs. After this I will give you the wedding photography contract and send you the invoice for a reservation fee. The booking will be completed after returning the signed contract and paying the reservation fee.

Do we have a possibility to order prints or albums?

As my wedding clients you have a possibility to order high quality fine art prints and wedding albums. I will bring some samples to our meeting so that you can see just how amazing they are. 

What equipment do you use to shoot?

At the moment I use two Nikon D750 bodies with several different lenses. During weddings I photograph with both cameras alternately. This way there is no need to switch lenses all the time and the other camera is also working as a backup. Both cameras capture images on two memory cards simultaneously.