let's start planning

I love weddings that are a true expression of a couple's love and connection - whatever this may look like. Your wedding is about your commitment to one another, and that's ultimately personal. Getting to be a part of this is my greatest honour. Whether you choose to throw a big party, a festive dinner, celebrate only among your closest loved ones or elope, I am thrilled to capture your big day in the most personal way possible.

While I document most of your big day unobtrusively, blending in with your guests, I want you to always have that love letter moment, too. Let's plan in a first look or a mini "elopement" after dinner, a few moments just between the two of you. Moments not planned for portraits, but for you two to connect and to tell each other how much this day means to you. To read vows that you maybe didn't want to speak out loud in front of everyone else, to be still together, to dance to your favourite songs without guests watching, to make out, or to take off your shoes and jump for joy. 

YOur wedding day