Bridal gown: Bröllopsfabriken
Groom’s outfit: Frakkipalvelu Nam
Bride’s jewellery and accessories: Bröllopsbruket
Bride’s shoes: Bröllopsfabriken
Florals: Floramore oy
Hair and makeup: Niko Reyes, Q Hair

Genuine and affectionate summer wedding Love Letters®

The shooting location of the wedding photography has a great importance for the atmosphere of the images and for the story. Sometimes the choice of the location is clear from the beginning because it is already a special place for the couple. Sometimes, however, the right location location can only be found at the last minute when inspiration strikes. That's what happened with Eda and Aku's wedding photography. We had originally agreed on a location where the sea and the forest were very present. However, it didn't feel completely right, even though the archipelago, the sea and the forest are very likely shooting environments for a wedding celebrated in Helsinki. It was still not the right option for this particular couple. The place would also have required long walks in the surprising heat of late summer, and as if dictated by fate, I started going through the map at the last minute and look for a new location at a suitable distance from their wedding venue.

When I took Eda and Aku to this park of the Träskända manor I realized how perfect choice it was for their wedding Love Letters®. It had this kind of early 19th century romantic charm you’ve read love stories about. It was calm and beautiful and had flower plantations and massive hundreds of years old oaks. It was wonderful to see how the couple made the most of their wedding day and enjoyed their time together during the shoot. They were there one hundred percent for each other. The most natural photographs are created just like this - from genuine moments and the connection between the couple.
In the evening, when the sun was shining from behind a thin layer of clouds, we held the latter part of the shoot by the sea near their wedding venue. These images became more eventful and they perfectly convey the connection between the couple and the team spirit they have. When I turned my back for a moment I found the groom carrying the bride on piggyback.  I almost forgot I was there to photograph when I was amazed by this hilarious and entertaining sequence of events.


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